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Independent Third-party Inspection Services are provided under the ambit of our Technical/Consultancy Services. The inspection procedures and methodology are guided by the requirements of the ISO standards. Adherence to ethical & upright conduct and high quality of deliverables without compromising on safety, forms the basis of all our systems. This ensures that every Inspection is conducted safely, without any threat to the environment and of the highest quality always. Focus on evaluating an asset factually, in a professional, unbiased, and thorough manner is our core strength.

Third Party Inspections are key to each of clients achieving continued and reliable future operations. We have been carrying out third party inspections since a while now – we understand, apply and keep up to date with API, Class, Flag and Local Legislation requirements to suit the inspection requirements which in-turn meet our Client’s Expectations. Our clients consist of well-established International Drilling Contractors and Operators.

Our Team of inspectors ensure that every inspection is undertaken in-line with the following guidelines. These help us achieve sustained positive feedback throughout:

  • Inspection has to be unbiased and factual at all times.
  • No deductions are to be made on individual perceptions – all observations MUST be substantiated with objective evidence.
  • Stringent focus on QHSE – Health & Safety retain priority over all else. Damage to the environment to be avoided at all times.
  • The synopsis of the daily inspection must be provided to the Office at the end of every working day. Final report must be sent to the Client within pre-committed time frames. In case Client requests an URGENT report, team is backed up by additional resources to respect the shortened timelines.
  • Every inspection must be undertaken with due diligence, sincerity and in-line with Company procedures.
  • All inspections to be in-depth, with cross-verification of all observations to ensure nothing gets overlooked during the inspections.
  • No observation is to be closed-out basis verbal confirmation / clarifications – ALL such issues must be physically verified, cross referencing with proper documentation prior closure.