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In order to ensure safe and timely movement of the Drilling Assets to their desired location - whether long-haul ocean Towage (Dry or Wet Tow) or Well-to-Well moves, we provide our Principals with in-depth support through expert analysis and constant monitoring of all associated activities, arranging of the requisite services and vessels for the planned movements and paying undiluted-attention to the minutest details. Our Services include, but are not limited to:

Rig Move

With trained and certified Rig-movers in-house, we provide specialized rig-move services encompassing all elements for the intended move - from Well-to-Well moves to Long-haul towage. Providing competent and experienced Rig-movers at short notice while ensuring cost-effective services help us to address our Client's needs in totality.

Bathymetry Analysis

Due to shallow patches and varying drafts of the MODUs, Bathymetry analysis of a location is necessary. We offer competent consultancy and analysis of bathymetric data to positively support safety of navigation and positioning of the Asset adjacent to platforms in the field or in a shipyard, as requested by our Client . Our experienced staff comprising of Master mariners and surveyors provide on-site as well as shore based support on all these activities.

Soil data Analysis and Debris Survey

The sea bed comprises of various kinds of debris that may be marine debris, ship wreck debris or sub-sea rocks. These debris are a hazard to the bottom of the hull or spud cans of the MODUs. Liaising with competent support organizations, we arrange soil & debris surveys, undertake the complete analysis to establish that the sea bed status is conducive to the safe movement of the Assets in that area.

Tide Table Study

Tides play an important role in the arrival and departure of MODUs in locations with restricted drafts. The shore line can be diurnal or semi-diurnal types based on their locations. The tide level is compared to the mean sea level and tables are formed based on these tidal charts. Our highly competent team of Master Mariners and experts carry out a detailed analysis of these Tidal conditions and advise the optimum time - frames to ensure safe movement of the Asset and establish the safe air-gaps (for self-elevating assets) to ensure unhindered operations in that area.

Positioning of the Asset

Right positioning of the asset is vital to ensure there are no surprises after a rig is spudded in place or moored. We thoroughly analyse the location by primarily studying the details about the history of the rigs that have been in the same location in order to avoid any overlap of footprints, or to mitigate all identifiable risks associated with pining on pre-existing can-holes, where unavoidable . Positioning in the shipyard is important as it determines the reach of the cranes over the Fit-out-Berth and with detailed and planned calculations we optimize this critical aspect an often the overlooked an often overlooked activity which can greatly affect the timely execution of any project. Positioning of the Asset adjacent to platforms is a specialized and Critical activity, for which we utilize our extensive experience and exercise due-diligence to ensure a safe and timely execution.

Dredging Consultancy

Timely and accurate Dredging allows for rigs to come into the shipyard at their scheduled time. Extending on our experience in the dredging industry, we provide consultancy services and arrange for required dredging assets to our Clients and the associated Shipyards to ensure that realistic and practical timelines are drawn up for undertaking dredging operations well in advance to the rig’s arrival, so as to eliminate any delays and minimize down-time of the rigs.