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OMCI RIG TECH & SS, as Owner’s on-site representatives, undertake complete supervision of New-building, Testing & Commissioning of varied offshore and marine assets, across all global shipyards.

Our services comprise of:

  • In-depth review of new building and conversion plans.
  • Proposing improvised designs for new building and conversion projects as required.
  • Undertaking efficient onsite management of all activities to maximize productivity.
  • Witnessing factory acceptance tests & shop trials for new equipment.
  • Planning, monitoring and controlling the Testing & Commissioning of all equipment, undertaking integration testing for proving system capability and reliability.
  • Monitoring and executing the Endurance Tests / Field trials / Sea trials in accordance with Client’s requirements, Industry Standards & Regulatory compliance.
  • Collating all documents & drawings in a systematic & professional manner.

Our team consisting of skilled & professional Senior Marine Engineers & Master Mariners and Electrical, Automation & Control experts, with proven track record in Project Management and On-site supervision of new buildings, provide a detailed review on Shipyard selection, Design and equipment review, Technical specifications review, Drawing / Plan approval procedures and provide complete End-to-End solutions involved during the new-building projects. Understanding the criticality of the Testing & Commissioning stage, which finally determines the commercial viability of the new-built asset, we undertake an in-depth testing of all systems to ensure that the asset is safe and reliable for performing the designed operations in a sustained manner.

We provide owners with regular feedback on the Project progress, covering all activities like steel works, painting, piping, equipment installation - mechanical & electrical installation and outfitting works, testing & commissioning. The On-site team closely monitors the yard's daily tests schedule to ensure that various equipment & systems are tested and proven to meet the design specifications and Mandatory Flag / Class requirements. Our pro-active, time-tested and ISO compliant 'Testing & Commissioning' procedures ensure that the Asset is ready for a reliable commercial deployment immediately upon project completion, thus minimizing downtime and consequential cost overruns when the asset arrives for its maiden operation in the field.

Our technical team also proposes improvised engineering solutions pro-actively to minimize repetition of tasks/rework ensuring timely and cost-effective delivery while ensuring quality compliance at all times.