Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

OMCI RIG TECH is a socially responsible organization and is committed to maintaining compliance with the highest health, safety and environmental standards. We are committed to developing and improving our policies and procedures for the management of safety, the environment and protection & welfare of our Clients & employees, as we understand that this is an ever evolving process.

The Company’s approach is based on the fundamental belief that a coherent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, based on sound ethics and core values, offers clear business benefits. Sustainable development rests on three fundamental pillars: economic growth, ecological balance, and social progress.

As an engine for social progress, our Company is committed to live up to its responsibilities as global citizens and local neighbours in a fast-changing world.

Our open, value-based culture encourages employees to become advocates for strong ethical behaviour and compliance. OMCI RIG TECH’s environmental policy sets out the Company’s environmental philosophy, which encompasses all environmental aspects and measures all potential environmental impacts. It includes the development and implementation of procedures to eliminate or reduce any negative environmental impact to a level of local or international compliance, whichever is the most stringent.