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Who we Are

Who we Are

We are a group of committed individuals with specialized engineering backgrounds. We have extensive experience in delivering exactly what is expected by our Clients, well within the promised time frames while ensuring strict adherence to quality and commercial commitments.


Who we Are

Our team comprises of experts in Electrical, Automation and Control, PLC Specialists, Specialists in all Marine machinery, HSE experts, IWCF Certified Supervisors (Surface and Sub Sea) and Master Mariners. At the helm, the team is led by the Chairman, himself an ex- Chief Engineer from the Marine field, with over 2 decades of experience in all spheres of Marine asset management – from Operations Management to Technical Maintenance, new asset buildings to the legal and commercial arms of the trade.

Having a knowledge pool of extremely competent and experienced senior professionals from myriad backgrounds that encompasses a broad range of technical and ancillary disciplines, we are able to cover all aspects of the Drilling and Offshore Industry. This unique approach helps us to integrate all activities under one umbrella, whether related to operations or maintenance, while keeping a keen eye on commercials. Being a member of IADC and qualified in IWCF well control techniques, we are a perfect service partner to all our Principals. With Competence in electrical and automation, we keep abreast of the latest developments in the ever evolving world of Control & Automation industry through continuous training with the Industry leaders. This ensures that we are always a step ahead in our quest for professional excellence, and endeavour to redefine the levels of competence in the offshore industry.

Our Organization’s impetus on the enhancement of professional capabilities, stress on enhancing the knowledge quotient based on fundamentals and basics, coupled with a constant hunger to grow technically and fundamentally sets us apart from the rest.

We provide our service partners with a spectrum of services aimed at adding value through an accurate, pro-active and time-bound approach in a cost-effective manner.