Project Management

Project Management

The industry today faces a major risk of Time and Resource bound execution of Projects. With its unique and Client centric approach towards Project Management, OMCI RIG TECH provides its Clients with the means to completely eliminate this Risk. What differentiates us from others is our willingness to walk-the-extra-step to meet and surpass the Client’s expectations. Project management for us is about Execution and making it happen.

Planning – Identifying accurate work scopes by defining the objectives and work requirements well in advance, backed by Innovative thinking, experience based timeline projections and with extended foresight, we always strive to keep the clients’ interests as paramount. Realizing the criticality of pre-planning for any successful project execution, extensive man-hours are always spent on this extremely intrinsic phase, in order to minimize any surprizes during the execution phase.

Execution – We provide round-the-clock monitoring throughout the project execution phase, ensure optimized use of resources and undertake a complete “Management of change” even for the smallest variance from deliverables. Cause-and-effect analysis of all Scope-Creeps and attention to the minutest details to get the work executed perfectly the first-time itself, enable us to meet our commitments in time and within Budget without compromising on quality.

Control – Execution without controlling the timelines and quality of the deliverables is an exercise in futility. Keeping this as our guiding principle, we always undertake precise allocation of resources and correct sequencing of the work-scopes, dynamically responding to any changes and challenges that are always part of any project life.

With a dedicated experienced Project Manager in-charge of every single project being executed from our end, we ensure regular updates to Clients and all stakeholders, to keep all concerned in-sync on the project progress. With a dedicated team of Project Engineers, this Project Management team interacts with our service partners, suppliers and subcontractors, ensuring schedules, budgets, quality and the security of our resources and assets are always addressed in totality.