Contractual Compliance

Contractual Compliance

Oil Industry Safety Directorate Rule 30 requires independent verification of “fit-for-purpose” condition, which is the ability of the installation to perform intended function.

Operation trials of every machinery and equipment, as mandated for ensuring contractual compliance and acceptability by the Operator, is the last but most important phase of any project execution process. It moves our projects from the “end of upgradation / maintenance” phase to the “ready-for-commercial-operations” status.

These audits are carried out by Auditors from various organisations such as OAS, etc. With our extensive experience in interaction with these Auditors, we understand the nuances involved with ensuring quick acceptance closures, thereby reducing the down-time and incrementing the “operational phase” of the asset.

Interfacing with OEM, 3rd Party-service-providers and auditors to ensure the prompt rectification and verification of the various non-conformities and observations made by the Inspector, utilizing innovative methodologies to expedite the complete process and maintaining regular communication with the Auditors are some of the methodologies adopted by us to expedite the complete process of OISD Compliance.