Pre-purchase Inspections

Purchasing an offshore asset is a time-bound and capital intensive exercise. Every prospective Asset Owner tries to ensure that a factual and in-depth condition assessment of the asset is provided to him, to be able to make an informed and realistic assessment
of the valuation of the asset.

In order to establish the actual condition and overall operational capability of the asset intended to be purchased, a pre-purchase inspection adds invaluable inputs to the prospective buyer to minimize the risks, influence the purchase decision or price offered and also to avoid future problems with the Asset (during intended operations).

We at OMCI Rig Tech use specialized and customized inspection methodologies, guided by the Flag State requirements, Industry standards (API, IADC, IMCA, IEEE & MODU) and in accordance with our stringent ISO compliant procedures, to provide a comprehensive and factual summary of the Assets condition. Our pre-purchase inspection report includes photographic evidence of equipment / structure / systems and coupled with other relevant supporting documents, we establish the actual condition of the asset for the prospective Owner’s perusal.

Our comprehensive assessment methodology entails a thorough review / analysis of:

Pre-purchase Inspections

We then provide the prospective Owner with a detailed report of current & factual Asset condition, likely repairs / upgrades / change-outs for meeting the intended operational requirements (medium to long term) while also highlighting the critical areas (structural and equipment) needing attention in the immediate / short term. The CAPEX projections towards acquisition and upgrade of the Asset is then provided to the Client to enable him to optimize his purchase price and plan for the Asset’s commercial deployment accordingly.

Our highly experienced and proficient team of Inspectors not only provide detailed pre-Purchase Inspection reports, but also provide cost effective solutions to address the requirements identified during the inspection, if mandated by the Client.