Pre-contractual Audits

The Oil & Gas industry is facing a challenging business scenario. With fewer potential commercial engagements on the horizon, assurance of the Drilling Assets “fitness for proposed Operations” has gained significance as never before. Every Operator (IOCs/NOCs, etc.) ensures that the Drilling Asset, prior to acceptance for undertaking operations, is thoroughly vetted for compliance with the terms of contract. Establishing the veracity of design specifications, condition of the equipment & systems and the overall quality of the Asset requires specialized, focussed, unbiased and factual assessment of the Asset.

OMCI RIG TECH has developed an excellent reputation with major clients in the Global Drilling Industry in providing specialized PRE-CONTRACTUAL INSPECTION SERVICES, which reflect our high quality, methodical & un-parallel approach uniquely tailored to the specific asset being inspected. With ISO compliant systems, our procedures and methodologies are regimented to assess Assets basis API, IADC, IMCA, IEEE & MODU standards, along with the requirements of the Contract.

Pre-contractual Audits

Our Inspection includes, but is not limited to:

  • Inspection of Rig / Asset, its components and systems using a comprehensive checklist to establish the condition of the Rig and its equipment.
  • Review of the Contractor’s maintenance policy and procedure to access the effectiveness of maintenance program and ensure conformance with required standards.
  • Verification, through sighting of objective evidences, that the established maintenance program is being physically implemented at the Rig operational level.
  • Cross-verification of Critical Spares Inventory and identify shortcomings as per ‘Service Program / Terms of Contract’ to eliminate deviation from requirements.
  • Witnessing Rig equipment and system ENDURANCE TESTING to the minute details so-as-to ensure compliance with Client’s requirements as well as best industry standards.
  • Provide comprehensive report to the Client, addressing the shortcomings / gaps between the Contractual requirements and the actual condition of the Asset, in accordance with the defined industry standards and the Terms of Contract.