O&M - Floaters & Jack-ups

O&M - Floaters & Jack-ups

The criticality of every aspect while drilling has the potential to make an entire project a success or a failure. With the Industry facing challenging times as never before, optimizing the OPEX is paramount to determine the commercial viability of all drilling operations.

Bridging the divide between Operations & Maintenance and keeping a holistic view of the asset and operations is critical. Our customized operations, management solutions and maintenance regimes provide for maximizing the efficiency of drilling operations.

Our Technical and Rig Managers have extensive offshore experience, and are IWCF certified Surface & Subsea Supervisors. This combination enables us to systematically identify and resolve all potential challenges proactively, on the operational front as well as on the equipment maintenance side.

We ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations with our experienced Operational rig staff who are well versed with the industry standards and our operational procedures. All critical as well as routine operations are performed in accordance with our ISO compliant procedures, ensuring optimum operational efficiency and minimal downtime.

We are proficient in operations and maintenance of Deep-water as well as Shallow-water drilling assets and have a dedicated set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each asset type.

With our proactive maintenance regime, built on the solid and time tested foundation of planned maintenance which has evolved into condition based maintenance system, we have been providing the “best-of-both-worlds” to the on-board maintenance system. This coupled with efficient operational practises ensures that the asset is operated to the best standards of the Drilling industry.